The Marble Cave - a breathtaking visual experience

In answer to my recent blog post, one of the regular readers (thanks, G!) sent me some informations about an another underground "natural miracle", which can be found in Eastern Europe. It is situated in the Crimea region, in Ukraine and called "The Marble Cave" by the locals.

You can visit this extraordinary cave any time you want and admire the amazing natural formations, which are subtelly punctuated by carefully situated artificial light sources.

The beauty of the Marble Cave is unique, making the location very popular among tourists. It is already said to be the second most visited place of this kind in Europe and one in the top five world's most amazing caves.

This crimean landscape above the cave, although rich in hills, rocks, and interesting mountain formations, doesn't match the beauty of the underground jewel hidden beneath the surface.

Some of the most interesting places in the cave are marked with labels giving a clue to what the particular formation resembles. You can find trolls, flowers, elephants... and even a Santa Claus among them!

This one looks like a mammoth, doesn't it?

Some formations resemble underground ancient cities and castles, built and dwelled by mysterious creatures...

Have you visited the cave yourself? If so, feel free to share your experiences and photos! :)

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